DOCTRID-MSU Hegarty Fellows

Fellows List

Nicole Neil, Ph.D.

University: Michigan State University and NUI Galway

I received my PhD in psychology from the Graduate Center (CUNY), hold my M.A. in Applied Disability studies from Brock University, and have over nine years of professional experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. As a Hegarty Fellow, I am jointly appointed at in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education, and the National University of Ireland, Galway in the School of Psychology. I also teach graduate courses in applied behavior analysis at Brock University and the University of Western Ontario

My program of research focuses on maximizing outcomes in behavioral interventions for learners with developmental disabilities. My primary research interest is in identifying ways of enhancing the effectiveness of interventions for individuals with developmental disabilities by tailoring the intensity at which intervention is provided. In a special issue in the Journal of Behavioral Education on treatment intensity, I published the results from a series of preliminary studies highlighting how the diagnosis of Down syndrome interacts with treatment intensity. I am also involved in projects investigating group cognitive behavioral therapy for children with autism and obsessive compulsive behavior and improving long-term relationships between children with autism and their typically developing siblings.