DOCTRID is improving the lives of people with Intellectual Disability and Autism through research and technology

The mission of the DOCTRID Research Institute (DOCTRID RI) is to serve as a centre of research excellence in conducting evidence-based research to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and autism. Our aims are:

  1. To support the partnership between the universities and DoC service through the acquisition of funding for sustainable research programmes, fellowships and the development of assistive technologies.
  2. To enable the professional service training of fellows in the Care Service Centres of the DoC, its special schools and employment training centres, and in the DoC Community Housing projects (SmartHomes and Intelligent Design) for people with disability.
  3. To bring together the critical mass of scientists, engineers, behavioural therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation therapists and people with ID and autism, their families and carers to conduct interdisciplinary and inclusive research to improve services, care and standards of living for people with ID and Autism via evidence-based practices and assistive technologies.
  4. To ensure research and training carried out under the remit of the DOCTRID RI will include a wide array of disciplines relating to ID, autism and cognitive impairment and will inform policy and practice in service provision.