Other Research Programmes

European Funding: Horizon 2020

ProACT: (Proactive Integrated Technology Ecosystems for Advancing and Empowering Patient Centred Care). Awarded Aug 2015 €4.87M.

ProACT is coordinated by Trinity College Dublin and involves a number of DOCTRID partners (TCD, Tyndall, IBM). ProACT will develop a new sustainable patient-centered, multi-disciplinary model of integrated, proactive and well coordinated healthcare that supports the management and care of individuals with chronic diseases. This model will focus on the individuals capacity for home based self-care management using Assistive Technologies. This will allow a greater level of independence and reduce the burden on carers and other health providers by  linking to community and health based services (including hospitals). DOCTRID partners are collaboratorating with teams from Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain and the service provider Home Instead to develop this proposal and apply for European funding.

US-Ireland Partnership

The US-Ireland partnership is a unique initiative involving funding agencies across three jurisdictions: United States of America (USA), Republic of Ireland (RoI) & Northern Ireland (NI). DOCTRID partners from the three jurisdictions are currently investigating how Virtual Reality can be used as a tool to enhance social skills which will ultimately lead to increased confidence, independence and employability. Initial studies are underway to support the development and validation of this novel VR tool. The researchers then plan to further test the efficacy in large randomised control trial on cohorts of young adults with ASD and co-occuring ID in the US, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland