DOCTRID-MSU Hegarty Fellows

Fellows List

Hyun-Ju Kang, Ph.D.

University: Michigan State University and Trinity College Dublin

Research is an important way to translate knowledge. I believe that research based knowledge and theories must be translated to inform disability policy and provide evidence-based practice. My main focus during the next 2 years as a DOCTRID-MSU Hegarty Fellow are 'Parental Expectations for the Employment Outcomes for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities" and " A Literature Review of Assistive Technology." I have nearly 4 years of work experience in the area of disability and transition as a play therapist and teacher. I also have nearly 5 years of research experience in transition and post-school outcomes as a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
I am so excited to work with international and interdisciplinary research teams in this program. I hope to improve my research knowledge and skills as well as have grant writing, publication, teaching, and mentorship experiences in the program. I believe that this program is promising in preparing for my future career with my fellows, mentors, and international and interdisciplinary research teams.