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University of Nottingham, England, 4-6th September 2018

Topic  - Affective Learning: Your challenge is to develop games-based learning materials to help people with an intellectual disability or those with autism to learn more effectively. To achieve this, you need to create interactive, technological, engaging learning materials with varying levels of difficulty. The MaTHiSiS system, which will deliver your learning materials, will then adjust the complexity of the materials in response to the learners’ emotional state. See for information on the project that created the tools that have launched this challenge.

Venue: The Hackathon will be part of the 12th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies (ICDVRAT) in association with Interactive Technologies and Games (ITAG): . Venue is University of Nottingham, England, 4-6th September 2018.

Registration deadline: 24/08/2018 at

Why Participate?

● It is an opportunity to learn something new about a new tool that relates emotion and learning.

●You will meet with people with a disability and industrial partners to co-design solutions using an Agile methodology (for example see

● You can win a cash prize!

What Programming experience do I need? Java, Python, or Unity.

How do I prepare? : There is a webinar on the ‘Learning Game Programming Tool’ which can be found at (starting at circa 2 minutes for English version!) You can either produce content using the Learning Game Programming Tool, or create external content (e.g. Python or Unity), and integrate it within the Learning Game Programming Tool as the last part of your Hackathon Activities.

How to structure your participation? We want to promote an Agile approach to your Hackathon experience. First start to understand the needs of your target audience – and in this case we hope to pair you up with a person with an intellectual disability, autism, or both to help co-design your solution. Prototyping will then occur after a needs analysis based on these co-design experiences. You will then have a chance to re-evaluate your approach working with your co-design partners. Last (and certainly not least) you’ll have a chance to present your ideas to the ICDVRAT delegates who will vote on the best approach and select the winner of the cash prize!

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